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Chase Those Reflections!

Chase Those Reflections!

Have you seen those amazing photos where the sky is reflected in a body of water like a calm lake? We love those shots!

Did you know that you can get reflection photos in more places than you think?

We mostly go about our days not observing the unique things that surround us. Opportunities are all around us. We need to stop, observe, look for those special moments, and capture them.

You can get great reflection photos after the rain, for example. Check for puddles on the street and observe what is reflected in them. It might be a cool opportunity for a self-portrait.

Look up at buildings as you are walking in a city setting. The windows are a source of reflection and can create cool shots.

When we slow down and take time to observe our surroundings we can create some pretty incredible photos.

Want to share your reflection photos with us? Join our Facebook group Shoot Like a Pro With Your Phone. Share your best shots and get more great tips and tricks.

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