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The 10 Best Gifts for Photographers 2022

The 10 Best Gifts for Photographers 2022

Do you have a photographer friend or family member on your gift list? Are you looking for the best gift to offer them?

To help you navigate the world of camera gear and accessories, we have put together a list of the top 10 best gifts for photographers on the market today.

You can’t go wrong with these photographer favorites. 

1. Joby Gorillapod

joby gorillapod

Lightweight and compact tripods have grown in popularity as camera phones reached better quality over the years.

These small, easy-to-use and affordable tripods are versatile and practical for any phone photographer who wants to shoot better-quality photos.

This flexible tripod from Joby weighs just under 14 ounces and is designed to hold both professional cameras and phones.

The wrappable legs allow you to safely position your camera in any position you need. The 360 degrees panning bed, the 90 degrees tilt, and the bubble level give you optimal position control. 

Note: This tripod doesn’t come with a phone mount. You will need to purchase one separately. Check the recommended phone mount that is on our list!

Get it from $45 on Amazon here 

2. KobraTech Phone Tripod Mount

Phone tripod mounts are necessary if you want to attach your phone to a tripod. Most tripods, unless mentioned otherwise, will have a traditional mount for a professional camera and not for a phone. 

That’s where the KobraTech UniMount 360 Phone Tripod Mount comes in handy. This mount is designed to hold the largest iPhones and Androids on any tripod (or monopod) – even with a thick case. 

The mount effortlessly rotates 360 degrees between landscape and portrait mode, and anywhere in between.

It also comes with a cold shoe mount so you can mount more accessories to it, like LED lights or an external microphone. 

The UniMount 360 tripod mount comes with an extra piece of super handy photo equipment – a Bluetooth shutter remote! Snap your photos or start your videos from a distance with a click of a button. 

Get it from $19.99 on Amazon here 

3. Lumecube Light


LED lights are now favored and widely used by professional and amateur photographers and videographers. Compact lighting can easily be carried everywhere and be ready when needed. 

This RGB Panel Go LED Light from Lumecube is about the size of an iPhone and has 360 RGB color options, four preset scenes, a strobe light, and fully adjustable color and brightness.

It includes a cold shoe mount and a silicone softening diffuser. 

This small but powerful LED light gives you complete creative control over your photos and videos. 

Get it from $99 on Amazon

4. Amazon Basics Tripod

amazon basics tripod

Full-size tripods are great when you need a sturdy and safe place to position your camera or phone when shooting photos or videos. 

This tripod from AmazonBasics is compatible with most digital cameras, GoPro devices, and smartphones.

It weighs only 3 lbs and can extend from 25 inches to 60 inches when the center post is fully extended.

The 2 built-in bubble view levels and 3-way head allows for easy tilt and swivel motion – go from portrait to landscape in no time. The tripod comes with its own carrying case.

Remember, if you want to use this tripod with your smartphone you need to purchase a phone mount separately. 

Get it from $36 on Amazon

5. KobraTech iPad Tripod Mount

Want to mount your iPad or tablet to a tripod? You need the TabMount 360 Tripod Mount from KobraTech.

This is a great way to have video chats and meetings, vlog, and also watch movies and series while your iPad or tablet is secure and sturdy.

Expands from 6.25 inches up to 9.30 inches to fit all iPads and Tablets, even the iPad Pro 12.9.

The iPad mount rotates between landscape and portrait modes with the included metal ball head.

It also has a useful cold shoe mount so you can easily add extra accessories like a light or a microphone. 

It also comes with a handy Bluetooth remote shutter, which allows you to take wireless photos and videos with any iPad or Android tablet.

Get it from $29.99 on Amazon here

6. Lowepro Photography Bag

lowepro bag

Every photographer needs a photography bag to organize and store cameras and camera gear.

Photography equipment is typically carried around and not always in the gentlest of ways. That’s why a dedicated photography bag can safeguard cameras and camera gear. 

Lowepro is known for its camera bags and the Freeline Camera Backpack 350 AW is one of its top sellers. The backpack is designed with unique pop-in lateral dividers to fully customize and protect your camera equipment as you need.

Dual-side access panels offer quick access to your gear from the backpack.

It has a laptop pocket that holds up to 15-inch laptops and an in-harness phone pocket that offers easy access and protection for regular and plus-size smartphones. 

Get it from $175 on Amazon

6. DJI Osmo Gimbal

dji gimbal for phones

Gimbals are not only for professional photographers and videographers anymore. More and more amateur videographers are using gimbals to create better content. 

A gimbal is used to stabilize a camera or phone when on the go. This gimbal stabilizer from DJI is made for smartphones and is designed with a magnetic feature for fast, easy phone attachments.

It lets you capture super smooth and creative footage. It is foldable and lightweight, making it easy to take anywhere.

The gimbal has a feature that recognizes adults, children, and pets and can control your smartphone to follow them automatically. 

Get it from $99 on Amazon

8. Vanguard Ball Head

vanguard ball head

Not all tripods come with a ball head, and sometimes you need to purchase one separately. Ball heads are super useful and let you take full control of your camera position while shooting. 

This tripod ball head from Vanguard has 3 independent knobs, an easy-to-grip main ball lock, ergonomic friction control, and 360° panning knobs.

It’s made of quality aircraft aluminum for lightweight and long-lasting performance.

It also comes with 2 bubble levels to make sure your compositions are fine-tuned and perfect. 

Get it from $79.99 on Amazon

9. Amazon Basics Light Box

amazon basics light box

A lightbox is a fun photography accessory to have. Especially for those photographers who enjoy taking product photos. Great gift for someone who sells goods online.

This lightbox from AmazonBasics is super easy to set up in less than a minute. It collapses into a thin, portable, and durable portfolio case. 

The front 3-door system maximizes image angles and reduces outside reflections. It also has a top hole that enables taking photos from above.

The lightbox comes with high-output built-in LED lights. The lights are positioned for optimum contrast and provide consistent daylight-balanced lighting. 

An extra optional light provides directional lighting that can give better highlights, contrast, and shape to the product images.

Get it from $112 on Amazon

10. Manfrotto Monopod

manfrotto monopod

Sometimes carrying a bulky tripod is not possible. Your next best option is a monopod. 

This lightweight monopod, from the reputable photography accessory brand Manfrotto, has base feet for extra stability and is made of durable aluminum.

It is easily collapsed, packed away in no time, and carried anywhere with ease. The fluid cartridge gives outstanding smoothness and pan control during filming, plus, combined with the sphere, allows for a variety of shooting angles.

The ergonomic twist locks make the adjustments quick and more comfortable, while also offering maximum grip.

This monopod doesn’t come with a phone mount. Purchase a phone mount separately if you want to use a phone with this monopod.

Get it from $89.95 on Amazon


Pick up any of these top gifts for photographers and you can be sure they'll be thrilled!