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About us

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Here's a bit more about our company if you're interested in how we got started. 

The idea for KobraTech began in 2012 when I took some time off to travel. As I experienced new cultures and amazing sites, one problem kept arising, I needed a better way to capture these priceless moments. Cell phone cameras were finally good enough that a big DSLR camera was no longer necessary to take good quality photos.

While this was great, there was still one problem. There were no good accessories for taking pictures and videos with your phone! Everything was still only made for digital cameras. It was tough to take group shots and selfies, you couldn’t add any effect with filters or lenses and you couldn’t even use a tripod with your phone! The seed was planted.






As I continued my journey, I quickly realized this was not just an issue for me. Many of the other travelers I bumped into had the exact same frustrations. Something had to be done.

When I returned home, I committed myself to creating a resource for fellow cell phone photographers like myself, there had to be a better way. Long story short, KobraTech was born!

Today KobraTech is a leader in cell phone photography accessories. We take pride in providing useful, innovative and reliable accessories that help you take your photography to the next level.

Because picture perfect moments don’t last long, and we want to help you capture every single one!

Not only do we provide you with awesome products, but we love to educate too! Because the best tool you have is you! That’s why we started our blog, it’s filled with awesome content to help you become a better photographer!

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We look forward to helping you take your photography to the next level! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know! You can reach us anytime at info@kobratech.com. You’ll get a response within 24hours.

Thanks again, and welcome to the family!

- Steve KobraTech