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Become a KobraTech Brand Enthusiast

We're looking for passionate photographers and videographers who love sharing their story.

It only takes a minute to apply for our Brand Enthusiast Program.

KobraTech Brand Enthusiast Perks

Complimentary Products

By becoming a brand enthusiast, you will be eligible to get up to 3 products for 50% off, plus an additional 50% rebate when you complete 5 posts in the first month.

VIP Rewards & Perks

If you complete the first stage of the brand enthusiast program, you'll be eligible to become  brand rep and receive more perks like cash rewards, more free products, commission on sales and more!

Ambassador Community

You'll be added to our community of other awesome brand enthusiasts just like you, who you can connect with & learn from!

Why Apply to Become a Brand Enthusiast?

  • By becoming a Brand Enthusiast with KobraTech you arealigning yourself with an up and coming brand that is on the cutting edge of phone photography/videography.

  • We have been a #1 Best Selling brand on Amazon for years and the go-to brand for thousands of vloggers, photographers and videographers around the world.

  • Be the first to try out and provide feedback for new innovative products absolutely FREE!

    As a Brand Enthusiast you will gain exposure through your association with our social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook & TikTok. 

What is Required of a Brand Enthusiast?

As a Brand Enthusiast for KobraTech, you will be required to post a minimum of 5 times over the course of a month on Instagram. The posts should include you using one of our products for photography or videography.

You will be given a discount code for 50% off select products. Upon completion of the first months tasks, you will receive an additional rebate of 50%.

If after the first month you would like to continue with us, you will be promoted to the Brand Rep program where you will receive even more exclusive perks including cash rewards, discount codes for friends and family, commission on sales, free pre-launch products and more!

Simply hit 'apply now' and fill out your application today! It only takes a minute.