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Learn Phone Photography With These Online Classes

Learn Phone Photography With These Online Classes

Do you feel stuck in your phone photo skills? Do you feel like you could be taking better photos but simply don’t have the tools or the knowledge to get there? You’re not alone. 

There is so much that your phone can do, and frankly, most of us don’t use the camera on our phones to its full potential, especially the newer phones, like the latest iPhones or top-of-the line Androids that are on the market today.

In order to take better photos, you need to know your phone well and learn some basic photography skills that you can apply on your smartphone. 

With so many people taking great-looking photos with their phones (heck even professional photographers are now using smartphones to do photoshoots) many people are offering online classes and courses to teach everything there is to know about phone photography. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and top-rated online classes that you can take to move your phone photography skills up a notch. 

Top Online Phone Photography Courses and Classes

Some websites offer complete photography courses, others offer short classes covering a specific topic about phone photography, and others teach photo editing tips and tricks. 


We love Skill Share because it’s a platform where anyone with skills in a certain area can make their own videos and share their knowledge with people all around the world. 

iPhone Photography Essentials: Take Pro Photos With Your iPhone is a Staff Pick on Skill Share and covers all the basics to get the most out of your iPhone. Video lessons like The Power of Portrait Mode and Editing in Lightroom Mobile, to name a few, will give you all the skills you need to become a pro with your iPhone. 

The class is ranked beginner and is for anyone who wants to maximize the potential of their iPhone and take amazing photos. 

Student Review: 

“This class exceeded my expectations!

I love Sean’s course. He is also very friendly and knowledgeable . I recommend watching all of his courses.”

Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy offers the course iPhone & Android Photography Course. In this video series you will learn how to take high-quality, amazing shots using iPhones or Android devices, and take your smartphone photography skills to a new level. 

You will learn how to expose correctly, how to edit with common editing apps, and how to improve your photo composition techniques, among other things. It is designed for all levels and has over 5000 satisfied students.


Udemy offers a Mobile Photography Iphone and Android Complete Masterclass. The class is a 5 hour on-demand video series that is full of useful information regarding photo editors Lightroom and Snapseed. It also touches on night photography, landscapes, people and animals, and Instagram basics. 

Student review:

“I had no clue, that I could achieve so much with my phone camera. The Cherry on top were the amazing editing tools explained in the course which helped me fix a whole bunch of old photographs. I've got hooked to mobile photography now!

iPhone Photography School

iPhone Photography School has been around for quite a while. They offer the iPhone Academy Course that contains 10 hours of video lessons to help you seriously raise your iPhone photo skills. 

Over 178,000 happy students have already completed iPhone Photo Academy and have forever changed the way they take photos with their iPhones. 

Student Review:

“This photography course is outstanding. Emil’s videos are easily digestible, understandable, and helpful. He explains techniques and tips without getting overly techie. More importantly, he shows that good photography is in the eye, the artistry and creativity that turns mundane pictures into memorable moments and stories. This course has changed my way of viewing the world around me, seeing the potential of ordinary objects to become extraordinary photos. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to move their photos from snapshot quality to professional grade.”


Now if you are serious about your photography and want to make a career out of it, head over to Coursera and enroll in their Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization course. 

The specialized course covers a broad range of fundamental principles of photography, from camera control to principles of composition and creativity. The course will provide you with a foundation for growth in making photographs you’ll be proud to share. 

When you finish the course and complete the projects, you'll earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is a website chock full of photography articles and tutorials. Articles are free to read and many of them cater to smartphone photography. 

Articles like Lightroom Mobile – The Secret to Shooting and Editing on Your Smartphone, How to Get Stunning Macro Photos with Your Mobile Phone, and The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You (Mobile Photography TIPS) to name a few are super useful to help you step up your mobile photography game. 

Ready to Shoot Like a Pro

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