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How to Take Amazing Selfies with Your Phone

How to Take Amazing Selfies with Your Phone

Selfie. That relatively new word that made its apparition along with the smartphone. We all take them and we like to post them on our social media accounts. But they can get boring and generic after a while, right? Same pose, different day, different outfit. So basically the same photo over and over. 

How would you like to get more creative with your selfies? How about trying some new things to spruce up your selfie game and have people saying “Wow! What a great photo of you!”

Shoot your shadow 

You can shoot your shadow that forms inside your home from the light coming through a window or other source of light.

When outside, shoot during the golden hour when shadows are long. That’s about an hour after the sun has risen and an hour before it sets. Observe your shadow and look at how interesting it looks. Take a pose and click away at your shadow. You can have a lot of fun with this.

Reflections, Mirrors, and Windows

We love reflection photos. Why not use reflective surfaces like windows, mirrors, or water to shoot a selfie. 

Mirror shots are great when they are not taken in the bathroom mirror with the view of the toilet in the background. Seriously, nobody wants to see your toilet. If you have a mirror that you can move, place it somewhere interesting and be mindful of the background.

Take advantage of reflective surfaces every time you can to get some fun selfies.

Play Peek a Boo

Use something to cover your face partially. There are no rules for selfies, your whole face doesn’t have to be in the photo.

Try covering the lower half of your face to put the emphasis on your eyes.


Another interesting way to take a selfie is to shoot in a dark setting with a source of light behind you, like during the blue hour, for example. The blue hour is the hour that follows after the sun has set. There is still light and typically the sky has a blue hue.

Double exposure

Double exposure is easy to do nowadays with apps like Snapseed that will allow you to merge two photos together to create a unique and impressive photo. This is a surefire way to get some “WOWS!” and “How did you do that?”

With your pet

Everyone loves a cute animal photo. Why not add your furry friend in your selfie. They can be quite unpredictable, of course, but this can provide some fun photos of the pair of you.

Black & white

Black & white photos almost always convey a sense of drama and can add some melancholic emotion to your selfie. Your phone most probably has monochrome filters that you can apply to your selfie. You can furthermore use a photo editing app like Snapseed to go further in your black & white transformation.

Extra Tips and Tricks

There’s nothing wrong with using accessories to help you take better selfies. There are many smartphone accessories on the market today that can help improve your photography skills. 

  • Use a tripod, monopod, or a Selfie Stick

A tripod is a practical accessory to have for a variety of occasions. Using a tripod, a monopod, or a selfie stick can let you take selfies with more than one person without looking crammed into the photo and can let you get more creative.

  • Use the Self-timer

Safely place your phone somewhere and set the timer for the photo to be taken. Generally, phones give you the option of a 3-second timer or a 10-second timer. This way you can get more body shots. It’s still technically a selfie because you took the photo yourself.

Another great way to step away from your phone is to use a remote trigger. These little devices are great to have and are easy to carry around.

  • Extra Lighting

Ring lights are now very popular with videographers and can help you get those captivating catchlights in your eyes. Use a ring light that attaches to your phone for those perfectly lit selfies every time.

Selfie Away!

Selfies are here to stay. Smartphones keep getting better and the cameras are getting more sophisticated with better features. 

Will you try some of these ideas? Come to our Facebook page Shoot Like a Pro with Your Phone to join our community of like-minded people passionate about phone photography to show us your results. 

Have fun shooting your cool new selfies!

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