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20 Types of Photography to Try with Your Phone

20 Types of Photography to Try with Your Phone

Have you ever wondered about what types of photography there are? You often hear about landscape photography, portrait photography, and wildlife photography. There are plenty of types of photography to learn and explore.

Take a look at our list of various genres of photography. Which is your favorite? Which one will you give a try? Most of these you can do with your phone.

Abstract Photography

Abstract photography can also be called experimental photography. This type of photography is usually a thought-out process and a planned shooting that shows an image that is not fully discernible.

It’s normally void of definable objects. Shapes, colors, and light are used creatively to create unique photos. You can get super creative with abstract photography, there are practically no rules. Your imagination is key!

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is pretty trendy at the moment. Those great shots overlooking the sea from the sky are quite impressive, right? Want to get into aerial photography? You’ll need a drone and your phone.  Drones come in all shapes, sizes, and prices.

Architecture, Real Estate, Interior Photography

Architecture photography is more than simply snapping shots of buildings. Architects, designers, and real estate agents all require the help of photographers specialized in this field to provide quality photos of buildings and interiors. 

Tip: Chances are you may need to fix perspective lines in your architecture photos. You can easily straighten lines in an app like Snapseed.

Tip 2: Use HDR to shoot interiors in order to expose properly for the inside and outside.


Taking photos of stars, constellations, and star trails takes a little planning and some time. You will need a tripod to set your phone and shoot in a long exposure without moving your phone. A trigger also comes in quite handy for this type of photography. 

Helpful: Read this great tutorial that explains in detail how to use your smartphone to achieve amazing astrophotos.

Black & White Photography

Some photographers shoot in black & white 100% of the time. They become recognized for this style of photography. Have you ever tried black & white photos? You can shoot directly in black & white, but most photos get processed with a filter in a photo editing app like Snapseed.

See how the mood of your photo changes when it is edited into monochrome?

Documentary Photography

Simply put, documentary photography is all about telling a story, normally through a series of photographs. It can be an event, an occurrence, or everyday life. No matter what it is, the photos need to speak for themselves.

Fashion Photography

You don’t have to be Patrick Demarchelier to try your hand at fashion photography. Many people do fashion photography with their phones and post their shots on Instagram accounts. Usually, it takes a little planning, a model, some clothing, and a setting.

Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography, like any art form, takes some creativity and some planning to achieve. A fine art print is a clear vision from the photographer that evokes feelings and emotions. 

Here is a list of fine art photographers to check out to get your creative juices flowing.

Food Photography

You can’t scroll on Instagram without seeing loads of food photos.Some photographers specialize in photographing restaurants and food & drink. Look at what some food photographers are doing to get inspired to do your own. 

There are awards for the best food photographers.  

Read our blog How To Take Food Photos l 7 Food Photography Tips and Tricks.

Landscape Photography

Do you enjoy taking photos of sunsets? Mountains? Beaches? Landscape photography involves taking photos of our beautiful planet and all the wonderful opportunities it offers every day. 

Pro tip: Remember to keep the horizon line straight when doing landscape photography. Activate the gridlines on your phone to help you achieve this.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is different than portrait photography. The lifestyle photographer takes photos of people in a more personal and natural way. It can be while they are working, doing sports, or other activities.

Light Painting Photography

Light painting has become trendy in the past few years. You can get very creative and produce unique and interesting shots. Check out this great tutorial from Expert Photography that explains the steps to achieve great light painting photos.

Macro Photography

Macro photography is taking photos of small details close-up. It used to be that this could only be achieved with a DSLR and a macro lens. Smartphones have come a long way, and with attachable lenses that are available today, you too can create interesting macro photography shots.

Portrait-Maternity-Newborn-Pet Photography

Portrait photographers set up photo shoots to take photos of people, families, or pets. This is sometimes done in a studio setting, home, or outside. The photographer captures the subjects

Sports and Action Photography

Do you enjoy attending sports events? Why not give sports photography a try. Capture your favorite sporting event with your smartphone. 

Tip: Turn off HDR when doing sports shots as this may slow down your camera.

Still Life Photography

Still life photography is taking photos of objects. You can set-up some objects creatively in your home and take some fun shots.

If you'd like more tips on still life photography, check out this blog post from our friends at Pixpa.

Street Photography

Street photographers take candid shots of people in urban settings. Smartphones are now a great accessory and are more discreet to take street photography photos.

Travel Photography

Travel photography is not your typical vacation photos. Travel photographers try to capture the place through culture, people, and food in unique ways.

Underwater Photography

Some smartphones are designed to go underwater without sustaining any damage. Make sure to find out if you can take underwater photos with your phone, and have fun!

Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers capture the moments and emotions on a couple’s special day. Take photos of the couple, of the guests, and also little details like the cake and other items throughout the day.

Wildlife Photography

Taking photos of animals in their natural habitats can have you feeling like a National Geographic photographer. Be patient and silent and don’t spook the animals. 

Tip: Set up your phone on a tripod and stand away with a trigger ready to get that shot.

Have fun shooting!

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