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TIP OF THE WEEK: The Odd Number Rule

TIP OF THE WEEK: The Odd Number Rule

Why are odd numbers better than even numbers?

Ever wonder why you are drawn to some photos more than others? There are many rules of composition in the photography world - the rule of odds is one of them. 

When you include objects in your photo it’s best to add an uneven number. 1, 3, 5 instead of 2, 4,or 6 for example. After 7, it doesn’t really matter the number of objects in the shot. 

Why is that?

It’s a well known fact that our eyes move better across a photograph if there are an odd number of elements instead of an even number.

Our brains are wired to count and it tends to do that more easily if there are even amounts of objects in a photo. With an uneven number, our brains relax and enjoy the photograph better. 

Next time you’re arranging a shot, give the rule of odds a try. 

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