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TIP OF THE WEEK: How To Use Leading Lines to Create Impact

TIP OF THE WEEK: How To Use Leading Lines to Create Impact

There are various rules of composition when it comes to photography. The rule of thirds, for example, is a go-to for many photographers. 

One composition technique that we particularly like is leading lines.  When you use this composition technique in your shots you help to guide the eye of the viewer on your photograph. 

This helps create depth and perspective to your image.

You can use anything to create a leading line composition. Look around you and notice if there is anything you can include in your photo. 

It can be:

  • A road
  • A bridge
  • A fence
  • A window
  • A river
  • A wall
  • And much more...

See how the photographer used the wall to draw the eye to the lighthouse. The photograph wouldn’t have the same impact if the wall wasn’t included in the photo.

Here the photographer used the fence to create a leading line to the sunset. The fence creates a sense of depth. Try to imagine the photo without the fence. Quite a different photo, right?

Take the time to observe the objects around you and see if you can use them to create an impact in your photographs. 


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