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TIP OF THE WEEK: Clean Lens, Clear Photo

TIP OF THE WEEK: Clean Lens, Clear Photo

We carry our smartphones everywhere we go.

We throw them in our handbags, backpacks, and slide them into our pockets.

They get handled a lot on a daily basis!

Your hands can leave residue and natural oils on your phone, including the lens.

The lens is what your camera sees through to provide the best images possible.

If there is dirt or smudges on it, it will show in your photos.

If your photos have glare or aren’t sharp, maybe it’s time to clean that lens!

It’s easy to simply give it a little wipe with a cloth before you take a photo.

That can do the trick for some time, but try to clean your lens more thoroughly every once in a while.

Use glasses wipes or a lens cleaner to make your lens super clean and to keep your photos super sharp.

Try it out and see if you notice any improvement to you photo quality!

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