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Easy Long Exposure Photos

Easy Long Exposure Photos

Do you know how to make a long exposure photo in just a few seconds?


This one is for the iPhone users out there. Did you know that there is a super-easy way to make long exposure photos? You know those great photos of soft flowy water and light trails? Usually, it takes a long shutter speed and a super steady camera. 

When you take photos with Live View activated your camera captures a few seconds before and a few seconds after you click the shutter to take your photo. When you open your photo in your gallery all you need to do is swipe up and you gain access to a few extra features, like long exposure.

The phone will stack those moving images and turn them into one long exposure photo. It’s that easy! 

Original Photo 

Long exposure photo. 

Notice the waves?

It’s best if your phone is super steady when you intend to make long exposure photos. A tripod comes in very handy for that. 

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