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Change Your Angle, Change Your Perspective!

Change Your Angle, Change Your Perspective!

Shooting from the same position all the time will create the same type of photos. The key to creating unique and interesting photographs is to think differently. 

When you are standing and looking at a scene in the usual perspective, stop to think if you could shoot it in a more creative way.

Have you thought of kneeling down?

Have you thought about climbing on something?

Changing your position can change the photo drastically.



Imagine how different this photo would be if it was taken standing facing the subject. The impact is unique because of the angle. 


Now take a look at this photo.

Instead of an ordinary shot of the field from above, we get a much more unique perspective from down below the flowers.

Don’t hesitate or be embarrassed to get into different positions when shooting. You’ll notice your photos will definitely be more exciting. 

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