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Why You Need a Full-Size Tripod

Why You Need a Full-Size Tripod

More and more of us are ditching our bulky traditional cameras since smartphones keep improving and the cameras they feature are becoming pretty impressive. Professional photographers are now going out into the field with nothing more than their convenient smartphone plus a few accessories. 

One of the most indispensable pieces of camera gear to have is a sturdy tripod. Ask anyone who is truly invested in producing great photos if they own a tripod. The answer will most probably be yes. Owning a full-size tripod that you can use with your traditional camera and also with your smartphone is vital if you want to get pro-looking shots.

Want to find out why you should have a full-size tripod? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why a full-size tripod will help you step up your photography game. 

When Shooting Videos

Are you into making videos? Youtubers, TikTokers, Snapchatters, and anyone else producing online videos, all own tripods. Making sure your phone is stable and won’t budge while shooting video is vital to produce videos without shake.

When Doing Self-Portraits

You want to secure your phone in a safe place in order to take the best self-portraits or group shots that you want to be in. Tripods that include a phone mount and remote shutter are perfect for this.

When Doing Night or Low Light Photography 

If you’re into doing night photography or if you shoot regularly in low-light conditions you probably already know the importance of a full-size tripod. When there is not enough light, the camera needs to compensate by taking the photo at a slower speed (slow shutter) and that means that any movement will cause the photo to be blurry or not sharp.

Have you seen those great star trail night photos? This is impossible to achieve without a sturdy tripod. Learn how to do night photography with your phone here.

Great for Landscape Photography

All landscape photographers will tell you the same thing; the best photos are taken while using a full-size tripod. When you place your phone on a tripod, you can adjust the height and be more in control of your composition. Our new Apex A70 tripod can expand to 70 inches so you can set your shot as high or as low as you want.

When Photographing Wildlife

If you’ve ever tried to photograph wildlife, you know that they can spook easily. You can’t get close enough to take great candid animal photos, and you shouldn’t. Giving them space to be in their natural environment without scaring them away is key. 

This is where a tripod, and a remote trigger, come in handy. Place your phone on your tripod and step away. Wait patiently, and quietly, from a distance and snap those wildlife photos.

Time-lapse and Stop-Motion Photography

Time-lapse and stop-motion photography is fun and needs some planning. A tripod is essential to be successful while doing these types of photography. 

You may need to use a specialized app to execute your photos and put them together. Here’s an article with reviews of the best apps on the market to help you achieve your time-lapse and stop-motion photography projects.

When Shooting Long Exposure

Would you like to succeed in achieving those amazing photos where the water is smooth? Or maybe those photos of car lights that extend across the shot? This type of photography is called long exposure photography. 

Long exposure photography is when you set your shutter speed for an extended period of time, capturing several seconds to several minutes of your composition.  As we have mentioned before, when your camera is set to a slow shutter speed, you need to keep your phone as steady as possible. 

Most photographers who do long exposure photography use a tripod. Nobody’s hand is steady enough to hold their phone for an extended period of time without moving. One small movement and the shot is ruined.

All About Tripods

Full-size tripods vary greatly by manufacturer or brand. Figure out how and where you will use your tripod to know exactly what you need. Here are some key features you should look for when purchasing a tripod:

  • Weight - Weight is important if you will be traveling with your tripod. Nothing hinders a photographer from bringing his or her tripod along because it’s too heavy. The material the tripod is made of will affect the weight of the tripod. 

  • Size - Take a look at what the tripod looks like when folded and figure out if that is something you can easily slip into your bag or not. If you intend to use your tripod mostly indoors, then this doesn’t matter.

  • Material - This is the factor that affects the weight of the tripod. Plastic tends to make tripods lightweight but can break easily. Aluminum seems to be the best material to make tripods lightweight, portable, and durable.

  • Head - The tripod head design will give you the flexibility you need to get the shots you want. Make sure the head is adjustable and can let you turn your phone in a variety of ways.  

  • Carrying case - Keeping your tripod safe and secure when you are not using it or when you are carrying it around is important to prolong the life of your accessory.

  • Price - This varies greatly by brand and product. You won’t want to spend several hundred dollars on a tripod if you are an amateur. 

  • Extras - Look for what the company is offering as extras with your purchase. We feel a remote shutter is always a good idea to have on hand, and that’s why we add them to many of our products.

We’ve just launched the Apex A70 full-size tripod and we must admit we’re pretty proud of it. After many hours spent planning and designing our new tripod, we have finally come up with one that can cater to many needs. We’ve included a monopod, a remote shutter, and a carrying case in the package to make sure that the Apex A70 meets all of your needs. Best of all, all this won’t break the bank. We’re offering it at a very affordable price so every level of photographer can benefit from a full-size tripod.

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