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Phone Photography Instagram Accounts to Follow

Phone Photography Instagram Accounts to Follow

Do you have an Instagram account? Would you like to grow your followers? With the billions of Instagram accounts, it's easy to get lost in the bunch. The accounts that attract the most attention are the ones that are well thought out, that have pro looking photos, and that have consistency. 

It’s important to have your own style but it’s also a good idea to browse other accounts to find inspiration and motivate you to up your own game. 

It used to be that Instagram was only for phone photography, but as the platform grew, professional photographers started posting photos with their DSLRs. 

We’ve put together a list of phone photography instagram accounts that you should follow.

Lloyd Fox

Lloyd Fox is a staff photographer for a local Baltimore newspaper and an avid street photographer. He creates both black & whote and color images for his instagram account that is mostly shot with an iPhone. 

He often uses shapes to define where light and shadows contrast and textured skies often come up in his photos. 

Mariko Klug

Mariko Klug is landscape and fine art photographer that uses exclusively an iPhone. The stunning images are taken in local forests and capture mysteriousness and calmness at the same time.

Klog is also a professional photo editor and knows how to bring the photos to their amazing final perfectly edited versions. 

Dina Alfasi

DIna Alfasi is one of the best smartphone photographers out there today. She has won numerous prizes for her photographs shot on iPhone of everyday people in their everyday moments. 

José Lusi Sáez

José Luis Sáez is a Spanish architect that creates incredible black & white photos with his smartphone. He masterfully uses light and shadows to create dramatic looking images. He frequently uses the leading line photography composition technique to draw the viewer’s eye on the subject in his photographs. 


Cat is a brilliant British landscape photographer that knows how to use color perfectly. Her compositions and choice of textures create moody photos that she then expertly edits to create creative final photos. 

Hannibal Renberg

Hannibal Renberg lives in Paris and shoots urban and street photography. The streets, architecture, and people of Paris are his favorite subjects and he consistently delivers beautiful thought-provoking photographs on his instagram. 

Kevin Russ

Kevin Russ is a landscape photographer that travels the world to get stunning images that he creatively frames on his Instagram. His favorite subject seems to be deserts and the American Midwest.  

Kim Haggstrom

Kim Haggstrom’s Instagram account is full of beautiful photos taken mostly in Portland and Vancouver. As the seasons pass her photos change to evoke the feeling of the times. 

Cocu Liu

Cocu Liu is a talented street and urban landscape photographer based in San Francisco. His photos are always colorful and alive. He post processes his photos and gives them a dreamy feeling with a matte finish. 

Browsing talented photographers' images can ignite our own photography and inspire us to take better photos with our phones. Take the time to stop and thoroughly look at photos and try to figure out what makes them so great. The light? The shadows? The composition? The post editing? Try to apply the techniques into your own photographs. 

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