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How to Edit Videos on Your Smartphone Like a Pro

How to Edit Videos on Your Smartphone Like a Pro


Smartphones are continuously getting better and offering improved features.

This includes better cameras and photography/videography tools. It has never been easier to take photos and videos that are almost equal to professional photographers and videographers.

Actually, many professional videographers are using their smartphones as work tools now. 

Do you like to take videos with your smartphone? Do you like to share them on platforms like YouTube or TikTok?

Or maybe you enjoy sharing your content on social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram?

No matter if you want to share videos of your kids with your family or start a vlogging channel, you need to learn how to edit your videos to make them appealing to watch. 

It has never been easier to become a video editor and produce pro looking videos with transitions, filters, text, and added music or sound effects.

It used to be that we had to purchase expensive video editing software like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro to successfully achieve any of the above-mentioned edits. Not any more! 

Apps have been released in App Store and Google Play that let you download apps to your phone so that you can edit your videos directly on your phone and upload them directly from your phone. 

We’ll go over the best apps that are out there today - some are free (with in-app ads), others have a purchase cost, and some have a monthly fee. We’ll also go over some basic editing features to get you up and running editing videos from your phone. 

Phone Video Editing Apps

Adobe Premiere Rush (Ru)

Adobe Premiere Rush is the “dumbed-down” version of Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s the exact same adobe interface that we are used to, but with only the basic features that go into video editing. 

There’s no extra fluff and It is much more user friendly than the pro version. It’s still got everything you need to get you editing videos like a pro in no time.

It lets you crop videos and change them to portrait or square, enhance colors with great presets, and also has a multi video track feature.

Adobe Premiere Rush is part of Adobe Creative Cloud (CC). You can download the app for free but it offers only a few exports per month and limited cloud space.

To unlock all features, have unlimited exports, and 100GBs of storage you will need to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 to use the full version. 


iMovie is only available for iPhonesand Apple products. It’s one of the most popular video editors and alsoone of the most complete in its price range - FREE. It offers all thetransitions, filters, and audio that other video editors offer.


LumaFusion is the closest to aprofessional-level video editor that you will get on the market today.The interface is not as simple as other mobile video editors and youwill need to take more time to learn how to use the app efficiently. 

If professional-looking videos areyour goal and if you are an iPhone user, then LumaFusion is for you. Theapp has a one time cost of $29.99. 


InShot is one of the easiest to usevideo editors out there. It has limited capabilities if you compare itto Premiere Rush and LumaFusion of course, but it still delivers all youneed to create videos you will be proud of. 

The app is free but comes with in-appads and a watermark when you export your videos. You can purchase theapp for $2.99 to remove the ads and the watermark. 


Splice is another super easy video editor that specializes in music.The video editor offers tons of royalty-free music clips that you can add to your videos. 

The app has a free trial period afterwhich monthly fees range between $7.99 to $29.99 per month depending onhow much you intend to use it and how many videos you want to exportper month. 

How To Take and Edit Videos on Your Phone 

Let’s take a look at a few tips andtricks for taking excellent videos with your phone and a few basicfeatures to keep in mind when editing. 

Try to keep your clips short.Shooting long videos on your phone will obviously take up space and isactually not really necessary.

If you know that you will edit your videoafterward and possibly link several clips together to make a finalmovie it’s better to take many shorter clips. 

Sometimes the audio is really bad onsmartphone videos (unless you have an external mic, of course). Think ofdubbing the image with some added audio (music, sounds, voice over,etc)

Learn to use transitions, texts, andfilters on your video editor. They all offer them, play around with theoptions and find what you like. The more complex apps and the ones thatyou pay for will have more choices. 

Create a captivating thumbnail. Can’tstress this one enough. Make your viewers WANT to click on your videoby catching their attention. 

Edit Your Smartphone Videos Like a Pro

Like anything, when learningsomething new, give yourself time and be patient in the learningprocess. Practice a lot and you will see the progression of your videosas you get better acquainted with your chosen video editor. 

Also, a good way to learn quickly isto search for tutorials that go over the features of the video editorthat you chose to work with. 

In no time you’ll start to get positive comments from your viewers. Who doesn’t like to get the occasional “Wow, cool video!”

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