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9 in 1 ProPic Cell Phone Lens Kit

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Lenses Include

- 0.36x Super Wide Angle Lens: One of the widest angle phone lenses available today. Capture 45% more in every shot!

- Kaleidoscope Lens: The always fun kaleidoscpe effect makes any picture awesome. Simply spin it around to change the effect. Also one of the only ones available on the market!

- 15x Macro Lens: Get closer than ever before to small objects like flowers or bugs and capture amazing detail!

- 2x Telescopic Lens: Allows you to zoom in twice as close then you can with your phone’s camera alone. Get up close and personal like never before!

- Fish Eye Lens: Great for capturing a lot in one shot while adding a cool fish eye effect. Spice any picture or video up with the fish eye lens!

- CPL Lens: Filters out unwanted glare and reflections from things like the sun, lights, water or snow.

- 0.63X Wide Angle Lens: Widen your shots with the 0.63x wide angle lens, perfect for group selfies and landscape shots.

Bonus Items Include

- QuikPic Bluetooth Remote Shutter Release: Capture pictures and videos from up to 30 ft away!

- LED Fill Light: Perfect for brightening up low light situations or adding shadow effects. Includes 3 brightness levels.

Included in the box

- 7 unique lens

- Universal lens clip

- Bluetooth remote shutter

- LED fill light

- Protective carrying case with back pack clip

- Felt cleaning cloth

100% Money Back Guarantee + 1 Year Warranty


Make your ordinary phone photography extraordinary with the ProPic Phone Lens Kit. With 7 unique lenses, you’ll have an awesome effect for any situation whether you’re traveling, at a wedding or taking a group selfie.

All of the lenses included in the ProPic Phone Lens Kit are designed with premium materials including stainless steel casing and high quality glass lenses. So you can count on high quality images and superior durability.