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The Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

The Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. If you are full of wanderlust but can’t get away at the moment or need inspiration to fuel your next adventure, these are the travel influencers you need to be following on Instagram!

These folks have not only mastered the art of photography, they have managed to capture some of the remarkable diversity that surrounds us all. Some offer travel tips, some highlight destinations you may never have previously considered but they all off stunning visuals. Give these accounts a closer look and start planning your next adventure.

1) @funforlouis

Fun For Louis is a popular YouTube travel vlog. With fun and inspiring videos, it makes sense that Louis Cole would have gorgeous photos to share on Instagram too. With 1.5 million followers, he’s one to watch for adventure ideas!

2) @muradosmann

The husband and wife team of Murad and Nataly Osmann are Instagram powerhouses! Their stunningly beautiful imagery features Nataly with her hand stretched behind, leading Murad through their travels. They have amassed over 4.6 million followers and their posts are absolutely top shelf. Definitely worth a follow!

3) @jackharries

If you have an interest in environmentalism, conservation, and human rights, than Jackson Harries is the travel influencer for you. Harries got his start when he took a year off before college and spent it making documentaries with his twin brother. For true insight into the places both near and far, check out this account!

4) @chrisburkard

Chris Burkard has 2.9 million followers and when you scroll through his feed, it is easy to see why people love him. His account is full of photos of nature at its very best. From snow capped mountains to the northern lights, from rushing rivers to stunning seascapes, this account has it all.

5) @everchanginghorizon

Quin will make you feel closer to nature. With a focus on places untouched by human habitation, this account will take your breath away and get you thinking about going outside and enjoying the beauty of hidden and faraway places.

6) @kirstenalana

Kirsten doesn’t just supply eye candy, she also shares information. Each post serves as a mini blog, detailing the area she is visiting. If this doesn’t inspire you to hop a plane and see the world, nothing will.

7) @travisburkephotography

If you are a camper or someone who enjoys outdoor adventure, you need to give Travis a follow. Travis and his girlfriend spend most of their time exploring America’s National Parks reminding us all that there is plenty of available beauty in our own backyards.

8) @bemytravelmuse

When you’re at work do you dream about running away for epic travel adventures? Kristin Addis walked away from her life in the corporate world and now she travels the globe looking for the best, and most beautiful, out of the way destinations. Maybe she’ll inspire you to do the same!

9) @travelbabbo

So many travel influencers are solo adventurers or couples but Eric Stoen offers something a little different. Stoen is an ambassador for Travelocity and AFAR and shares photos of his children exploring exotic destinations. If you have kids, Stoen serves as a reminder that openness and travel are two of the greatest gifts you can give them.

10) @laurenepbath

Lauren Bath is widely recognized as Australia’s first professional Instagrammer. Her feed is full of colorful shots of wildlife and landscapes. Her photo composition is next to none. Give her a follow and get lost in the dream-like atmosphere she creates.