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TIP OF THE WEEK: Tips for Couple Photo Shoot

TIP OF THE WEEK: Tips for Couple Photo Shoot

Do you want to take good portraits of yourself and your significant other?

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and some people may ignore it completely while others enjoy celebrating the day of love with their sweetie. 

Are you one that goes all-out when Valentine’s Day rolls around? How about creating a portrait photoshoot of the two of you?

Here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Select a setting that is significant to you and that is not messy.
  • Golden hour usually provides softer light and creates a more romantic feel to the photos. 
  • Wear clothing that is not too loud and that don’t have big distracting graphics. That being said, avoid the matchy matchy outfits as this can look a little fake.
  • Set your phone on a tripod and use a remote shutter or the timer.
  • Have fun and be goofy!
  • Take lots of photos.

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