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TIP OF THE WEEK: Set Your Focus

TIP OF THE WEEK: Set Your Focus

Why it’s important to tap your screen

Do you just snap your photos without telling the camera where to focus? You’re not the only one. Many people simply let the camera choose the focus. This is hit or miss because the camera doesn’t really know what exactly your subject is and it will do its best to focus on the subject it thinks is the main focus of your photo.

Like we said, hit or miss.

The best way to get sharp focus every time is to tell your camera where to focus. This is super easy to do. Simply tap on your screen where your main subject is. It’s that simple!

Look at both photos below. The first one is taken without telling the phone where to focus. The cat is blurry and not in focus.

Look at the second photo. We tapped the phone screen where the cat’s head is and he is super sharp!

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