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TIP OF THE WEEK: Make the Most of Your Phone

TIP OF THE WEEK: Make the Most of Your Phone

How well do you know your phone?

Phones are continuously being upgraded with new technology and there is always “a better phone than yours” on the market. You may be one to change your phone as soon as a new version comes out or you may be one to keep your gear for a few years.

Whenever you get a new phone you will gain access to some updates and probably some cool new features. It may be overwhelming for some to learn all the new things that their new phone can do.

Here are a few ways to make sure that you are using your phone to its full potential. 

  • Take advantage of the person who is selling you the phone, they may have some time to go over the phone with you. 

  • Ask at your local phone store if they offer short workshops. They can go over every detail of your phone with you and teach you how to use it through exercises. 

  • Do some research online. YouTube is a great place to find information and learn new skills. Type the exact make and model of your phone and there surely will be someone doing an unboxing and going through all the new features.

The best way to take your best shots is to know your phone!

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