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TIP OF THE WEEK: Great New Feature on iPhone 13!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Great New Feature on iPhone 13!

Did you purchase a new iPhone13 recently? Apple released the 13 series with some pretty cool new camera features!

One of the best features is Cinematic Mode. It’s the greatest camera feature to come out since they introduced Portrait Mode on the iPhone 8+.

Simply put, Cinematic Mode is the video version of Portrait Mode. The camera spots the objects in your frame and smoothly shifts the focus and depth of field as you move your phone and when new objects come into the shot. 

Cinematic Mode automatically blurs the background or foreground objects sending the viewer's eye directly to your subject as you shoot your video. 

Tip: You can edit your footage after you have finished recording your video. You can choose and change the focus points and depth of field. 

 It may take some practice shooting in Cinematic Mode to get the pro-looking videos you want, but it’s well worth it! 

Read this article to get the full tutorial on how to use Cinematic Mode on your iPhone13. 

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