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TIP OF THE WEEK: Golden Ratio Photography 

TIP OF THE WEEK: Golden Ratio Photography 

Do you know about Golden Ratio photography?

The Golden Ratio is a composition technique that encourages photographers to consider not only where the subject is but also where they place everything else in the photo.

The Golden Ratio helps to lead the viewer’s eye through the photograph while providing a composition that is pleasing and balanced for the human eye.

The golden ratio is 1.618 to 1, and it is based on spirals often seen in nature. Think seashells!

Place the area with the most details in the smallest box of the coil. This does not have to be in one of the corners. It can be anywhere in the frame. 

Fun fact: Some say that the face of the Mona Lisa is placed within that area.

Try to position the rest of the elements within the curve too. This will lead the eye of the viewer through the image in a non-distracting and natural way. 

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