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TIP OF THE WEEK: Focus, Focus, Focus!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Focus, Focus, Focus!

Are your photos blurry?

We see it all the time, photos that are not sharp and the subject is out of focus. It’s an easy fix for every level phone photographer!

Most people will let the phone choose the focus point. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the phone is not YOU, the photographer. If there are several objects in your frame, it will pick one and it may not be the one that you want. This sometimes creates a fuzzy and blurry photo.

Here’s what you should get used to doing every time you take a photo to make sure you have tack-sharp photos.

Compose your frame and tap on your screen where the focus should be. The phone will set the focus right where you tell it to. It’s that simple!

Oh, and if you want to recompose your photo, simply long tap on your screen and that will lock the focus on your subject. You can go ahead and change your composition.

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