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TIP OF THE WEEK: Crop Don’t Zoom

TIP OF THE WEEK: Crop Don’t Zoom

Do you know why you should crop and not zoom?

Phones sure have come a long way and the technology used to make the camera feature better is constantly improving. One thing that phone cameras seem to be lagging on is the zoom option. 

Most phones (even the latest and baddest phones out there) can’t take super sharp photos when zooming past 2X. Shake sets in and photos get blurry. 

The best way to get the shot you want is to:

  1. Zoom at 2X max
  2. Take your photo
  3. Open your photo and click the Edit feature and Crop the photo to the desired area in your composition.

We recommend you use a sturdy tripod to stabilize your phone if you insist on taking photos with the zoom past 2X.

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