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TIP OF THE WEEK: Better ZOOM Meetings

TIP OF THE WEEK: Better ZOOM Meetings

Want to look great during your ZOOM meetings?

The world is slowly getting back to normal and many things have changed. Some of us started working from home when the pandemic first hit and we had to adjust to working remotely and staying connected with co-workers who were all working from home as well.

If you hadn’t heard of ZOOM before the pandemic, you are not alone. If ZOOM became a big part of your day during the pandemic, you are not alone.

Some people are physically going back to offices, and others have adopted working from home. 

You get ready, you set up your camera, you sign in, and oops you find that the lighting is bad. It may be that there is not enough light or that you are backlit by a window. Not very flattering!

Our new ULTRALIGHT LED VIDEO LIGHT is perfect for correcting bad lighting situations during video calls. 

Et voila! You look like a pro!!

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