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Tip for Better Videos

Tip for Better Videos

Want to create better videos?

Are you shooting videos for your YouTube channel? (What we now call vlogging). Do you enjoy capturing birthday parties and events through videos with your phone? Maybe you’re an amateur film-maker? 

No matter what you do with the video feature on your phone, one thing is for sure, you need to use an app to edit your videos. Numerous apps exist for iPhones and for Androids. Here are a few apps that are user friendly and will have you editing like a pro. Some let you add filters and stickers and other fun features. 

Adobe Premiere Rush

Both iPhone and Android


Easy to use


Android only


Easy to use

Filmmaker Pro 

iOS only

Limiting free version

Pro features


iPhone and Android


Easy and fun to use

Good for social media videos

Anyone can become a great videographer with any of these video editing apps downloaded on their phone. Have fun shooting!

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