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Siri, take a selfie!

Siri, take a selfie!

 Ahhh selfies! We all take them and share them. Maybe you’ve mastered the art of taking selfies? Maybe you’re still struggling to get your perfect pose?

Here’s a nifty trick for iPhone users. Some people absolutely love using Siri on their phones, while others can’t stand it. But this little trick can come in handy.

Open Siri on your phone and say “Siri, take a selfie”. The app will then open your camera with the front-facing lens, ready for your selfie. Siri won’t actually take the photo, you still need to press the shutter. Also, you can tell Siri to take a square selfie, a panoramic photo, a video, etc. 

Ok, we know, there are lots of Android users out there and this tip doesn’t really apply to you. Check your emails for our upcoming tips for Android phones.

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