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Photo Tip of The Week: Wide Angle Lens

Photo Tip of The Week: Wide Angle Lens

When should you use the wide-angle lens and when should you not?

Many phones now offer a wide-angle lens on their new models. If you aren’t familiar with wide-angle lenses you may be wondering why it’s there and how to use it, right?

Simply put, wide-angle lenses widen the composition and put more scenery into your shot.

This is why wide-angle lenses are great for landscape, cityscape, and urban photography. 

This being said, wide-angle shots are not recommended for portraits or detailed photos. 

This photo was shot with the regular 1X lens.

Here is the same shot standing at the same location taken with the wide-angle lens ( .5) feature.

Do you see how much more scenery was added? 

Try it out yourself by taking a photo with the regular lens and then the same photo with the wide-angle lens and notice the difference. 


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