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Photo Tip of The Week: Photo Lingo!

Photo Tip of The Week: Photo Lingo!

Do you know photography abbreviations and acronyms?

I’m sure you have come across some abbreviations and acronyms while reading photography articles and possibly scratched your head wondering what they meant. You also have some of these on your camera. Writing AWB on the screen is easier than writing Auto White Balance. 

There are several dozen abbreviations and acronyms that are commonly used in photography. You probably don’t have to know them all, but you should at least know the basic and most used ones.

  • AE-L - Automatic exposure lock

The automatic exposure lock on your camera will let you set and lock the exposure reading anywhere in your composition. You can then recompose and refocus your image without changing the exposure setting.

  • AF-L - Autofocus lock

The autofocus lock feature lets you find and fix your focus and then lock it. You can recompose your shot without changing the focus point that you set. This is useful when you are doing portraits using the rule of thirds for example. Your subject is in focus but not in the middle of your image.

  • AWB -  Auto White Balance

The auto white balance on your camera detects the tones in your image and controls how colors are captured. It analyzes the warm and cool colors and neutralizes them so that the colors are true and the whites are white.

  • DOF  - Depth of Field

The depth of field is the distance between the closest and farthest objects in your image. This is measured in feet or meters.

  • F-stop (f-number)

The f-stop is the number that corresponds to the aperture on your camera. The smaller the number (f1.4 for example) the wider the aperture. 

  • IQ - Image Quality

Image quality when it comes to photography means the level of image degradation that affects the overall quality of the photo. Good equipment and photography skills ensure higher image quality.

  • HDR - High Dynamic Range photography technique

HDR is a technique to enhance colors and even out exposure in a photo. The camera takes several shots of the same image at different exposures and stacks them to provide the best photo.

  • NR  - noise reduction

The noise reduction process is the method of eliminating noise that causes grain that affects image quality.

  • SS - shutter speed

The shutter speed on your camera determines how slow or how fast the shutter stays open when you press the shutter button. 

  • SOOC - straight out of camera

SOOC means that a photo has not been processed or edited with photo editors. The only modifications it may have had are cropping or resizing for online uploading.

How many did you know on this list?