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Photo Tip of the Week: Patience Pays 

Photo Tip of the Week: Patience Pays 

Sometimes an urge to take a photo strikes us. We whip out our phone and snap a pic and don’t put very much thought into it.

What if you stopped for a moment to think about your composition and how you could make it better or more captivating.

Sometimes being patient and waiting for the perfect moment can definitely pay off. 

For example, we all know that sunsets make great photos. What if you waited for a moment to grasp that perfect moment when the descending sun peaks between tree branches?

Or maybe you are doing some urban photography. Stay and wait until a biker rolls by. Your photo instantly becomes more alive!

And if you are doing architecture photography, wait for the perfect lighting to light the building or cast interesting shadows.


They say patience is a virtue…and we think that it is well worth applying to your photographs.