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Photo Tip of The Week: Odd Number Rule

Photo Tip of The Week: Odd Number Rule

Why use the odd number rule?

Are you constantly looking for ways to up your photo game? There is a lot to learn in the beginning when we want to improve our photos. There’s a lot to think about before you snap that shutter! Quality, lighting, exposure, and composition (to name a few).

Talking about composition. Did you know that esthetically pleasing photos get more positive attention? The human eye is created to automatically find some things more appealing than others. 

The way a viewer’s eye smoothly moves across your photo will have a significant impact on how much (or little) they like your photo.

Some simple guides and rules of composition can make or break your shots.

One simple rule to apply is the ODD NUMBER RULE. In every design sphere, from architecture to photography, using an odd number tends to be more appealing.

This means that if you have the choice to add or subtract the number of subjects in your photograph, try to make it an odd number, like 3, 5, or 7 for example.

See these examples below. What do you think?



Give the RULE OF ODDS a try and see how your photos instantly look better. 


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