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Photo Tip of The Week: Creating Albums

Photo Tip of The Week: Creating Albums

Should you create albums?

Like most people, your camera roll probably has hundreds (if not thousands) of photos. Your camera roll automatically saves your photos in chronological order. 

You know those times when you’re telling someone a story and you tell them “Let me show you a photo!” You open your camera roll and start scrolling…and scrolling…and scrolling. You know it’s in there somewhere. Many times you don’t find the photo you were looking for.

There’s a way to keep your photos neatly organized and easy to find. 

Create folders and place your photos in these folders. 

  • First, select a photo (or a set of photos) from your camera roll.
  • Choose Add to Album.

  • Name the album as you wish.

  • Save the new album.
  • Easily access your new album at the bottom of your screen.

  • Click on Albums.

Make a habit of adding photos to albums and you will find that you will waste much less time scrolling through your camera roll. 

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