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Photo Tip of The Week: Change Your Perspective

Photo Tip of The Week: Change Your Perspective

Want to snap unique photos?

Like a lot of us, you probably take most of your photos standing with your phone pointing at eye level. You get the typical shot. The same shot that everyone else gets.

But what if you could shoot more unique and interesting photos? There is a super easy way to do this and it doesn’t involve expensive equipment or heavy editing. 

All you have to do is change your perspective!

Get down on the floor and position your phone at a different angle, for example. See how much your composition changes and instantly becomes more interesting!

This photo was taken standing and holding the phone at eye level. Pretty shot, but the same shot everyone else will get in this exact spot.

This is the same exact spot but the photo was taken while the photographer was sitting in the sand. See how many more interesting things popped up in the composition? 

Practice taking several photos from different perspectives and see your photos go from good to WOW!


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