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Photo Tip of The Week: Black & White Photos

Photo Tip of The Week: Black & White Photos

Should you shoot black & white photos or edit them to black & white?

Do you like black & white photography? We definitely do. What do you feel or think of when you look at a black & white photo?

Generally, a black & white photo is more dramatic and evokes more emotions than a color photo. With all the bright colors gone, you are left to look at the shades of gray and contemplate the objects more thoroughly. 

But should you shoot in black & white mode on your phone or should you edit the photos into black & white afterward? Simply put, there is no right or wrong way to take black & white images. 

Some prefer to shoot in color and have the option to revert to color if they want to. 

Simple Tip: Make a duplicate of your color photo before editing it to black & white.

Others prefer to take the photo in black & white mode because that’s how they see their composition. 

Remember: You can also edit the black & white photo afterward to add more shadows and light.

This is an original photo shot in color.

The same photo edited using the NOIR filter.

See how the black & white photo draws the attention of the viewer to the sleeping cat. 

Will you try black & white photos? 

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