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Photo Tip of The Week: Best Pet Photos

Photo Tip of The Week: Best Pet Photos

Do you want to take great photos of your pets?

Taking photos of animals is not always an easy task. They often don’t want to cooperate or sit for too long. We end up with tons of photos that we are not too pleased with. The backs of their heads and eyes closed mostly!

Here’s one super easy trick to help you get great photos of your pets.

Use Portrait Mode. You’ll notice your photos look so much better!

Switch you camera to portrait mode and tap on the screen (on your pet) to set the focus. 

Portrait Mode sets the focus of the photo on the subject (in this case, your pet) and blurs the background and foreground. 

Top model Ally posing for the camera.

Curious Minou playing hide and seek.

Old man Leon contemplating life. ;)

See how these photos look more professional with the blurry background?

Now we can’t guarantee that they will stay put long enough for you to get a good pose out of them, but keep trying with your phone on Portrait Mode. 

Will you try this tip next time you take photos of your furry friends?

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