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Let’s Talk About White Balance

Let’s Talk About White Balance

 Do you know what White Balance is? 

White Balance (WB) in photography is important for evenly exposed photos that are neither too blue nor too yellow. This also applies to the photos with our smartphones. Unless this is what you are looking to achieve (too blue or too yellow) you can adjust the white balance in the manual settings from your camera app.

Shooting in Auto White Balance (AWB) often does the trick. But if you find that the whites in your photos aren’t as white as they should be (or they are blown out), look into changing the WB setting for the type of lighting that you are shooting in.

Either way, it’s a good idea to play around with the WB settings so that you can learn more about how light affects the colors in your photos. Look for our upcoming blog article on our website explaining in detail how White Balance works. 

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