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Learn About Photography

Learn About Photography


Want to learn more about photography?

We’re never too old to learn new things. It’s important to learn photography basics even if you don’t own a DSLR and shoot only with your phone.

Smartphones sure do take good photos on their own. But they are limited to what they can do. To take better photos and to become more creative you need to use your phone in manual mode. That means setting the features yourself. 

Do you know about the exposure triangle? ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. When you learn about these settings and how they all work together to create your photos you will be able to up your photo game.

One way to learn is to take classes. Here is a list of online classes that will teach you the basics (and a little more) about photography.

Join our Facebook group Shoot Like a Pro With Your Phone and share your photos with the community. Also, by joining you’ll get tons of tips and tricks to improve your phone photography.