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Is Your Phone Infected?

Is Your Phone Infected?

As the world is scrambling to understand what is happening with COVID-19 and how much of our lives will be affected, we know one thing for sure; WASH YOUR HANDS. 

Washing your hands properly and disinfecting surfaces is an excellent habit to take to help protect you and your family. 

Do you know what one of the dirtiest objects in your house is? You would tend to think of an object in your bathroom, right? Wrong. One of the dirtiest and germiest places is your smartphone. Do you wash your hands every time you pick up your phone? No, hardly anyone does.

Here’s how you can disinfect your phone to keep it clean and keep you healthy. Apple has stated that you can clean and disinfect your phone with Clorox wipes without harm to your phone. They don’t recommend you use alcohol or bleach as this may damage your screen and other sensitive parts.

Wipe the screen and your phone cover and be careful around the areas like the charging point. 

Stay safe and healthy out there!

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