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How To Use Filters Like A Pro

How To Use Filters Like A Pro

Do you have a great shot you really love but think something is missing?


Too much blue?


Too much yellow?


Maybe it lacks intensity?


You can enhance your photos with easy one-click filters that most smartphones are equipped with.


Apps like Instagram and Facebook also have filters that you can easily use to change the mood of your photos or fix colors.


filter flowers


These are some options from an iPhone.


Helpful Trick: Want to compare your edits? After you apply a filter, press on the photo and keep your finger on it to temporarily see the original photo. Take your finger off, and you’re back to the filtered image.


filter flowers 2


These are filters you can find on Instagram. After you apply a filter you can set the intensity of the filter by using the slider.


Tip: Don’t overdo it on the edits! Filters are fun and can really make a photo look better, but it can also start to look unreal and over-filtered. Sometimes less is more when it comes to photo filters.