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Fix Your Horizons!

Fix Your Horizons!

Do you know what one of the most common photo mistakes is?

In photography, one of the most common mistakes that people make is not aligning the horizon line. Nothing says amateur like a crooked horizon line!

When shooting a landscape, make sure to align the horizon correctly. It’s pretty easy to do if you are shooting a seascape.

horizons sea

Check the landscape that you are shooting and look for the horizon. There may not be a definite line like a seascape, but make sure any object in your composition, like a tree or a house, is straight.

horizons mountains

TIP: Turn on the grid view on your smartphone and straighten the horizon line along the grid.

TRICK: Still not straight?! Edit your photo in the crop feature on your phone to align the horizon.

 A great way to assure that your photo isn’t crooked is to use a tripod — the sturdier the phone, the better the photo.