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Great Projects To Do with Your Travel Photos

Great Projects To Do with Your Travel Photos

Do you have the travel bug? Many of us who love to travel or enjoy our vacations in exotic places are feeling the travel bans at the moment pretty badly. We will be traveling again soon, but for the moment we remain with limited travel options.

Do you have a ton of travel photos that you have accumulated over the years? Are they sitting in your phone or in a computer file? You probably occasionally like to look at them and remember your travel experiences. 

What if you could use your best travel photos to create fun projects and get to see them more often. What better time than now to go through those photos, sort out, pick your best shots, and do something with them.

Here’s a list of great things that you can do with your travel photos.

Print Your Travel Photos

Most of us take a gazillion photos when we are on vacation or traveling to a different country. We post some, we show some to friends and family, and then they get lost in the camera roll on our phone. 

There are several options to print your photos. Home printers have definitely come a long way and many now print great quality pro-looking photos. Here is a list of top home printers to print your photos at home. 

If purchasing a home printer isn’t in your immediate plans, you can send your photo files to an online printer and have them delivered to your door. Printers like Nation’s Photo Lab provide top quality prints without breaking the bank. Some also offer framing and mounting services. Ready to hang! 

Now that you have printed your favorite images, there are a ton of fun ways to use them. You can choose to simply frame them and hang them on your wall or get more creative!

Pin them to a World Map

Once you’ve printed your photos you have several options to put them on display. Pinning them to a world map on your wall is a great way to showcase your best travel photos and the places you’ve been. Also, you may get the next inspiration for your next destination. 

Photo: Pinterest

Make a Puzzle 

Do you enjoy doing puzzles? You can buy a boxed puzzle of some random landscape or scenery, or you can have your own personal travel photos to put together. Pretty cool! Many businesses like Ravensburger offer to transform your photos into puzzles. Choose as many pieces as you want and have the puzzle delivered to your home. 

Pin Photos on a String

Pin photos on a string and hang it up on your wall. This way you can change the photos easily as your traveling experiences expand. It can look like a photographer’s film development darkroom. Pretty cool!

Print Postcards/Greeting Cards

A great way to share your memories is to send postcards or greeting cards to friends and family. Many online printing services can create great quality cards for you in the quantities that you want. Add your personal message and mail them out. Everyone loves receiving postcards and cards in the mail.

Paint or Draw Your Travel Photos

Do you have a creative side and have a knack for painting or drawing? Why not paint your favorite travel photos and hang them in your house. Your own little home art gallery! Also, why not get the kids involved. Let them choose their favorite vacation photos and have them draw or paint them.

Create a Book with Your Travel Photos

Many online printers offer to group your travel photos to create a themed book. How cool to have a book of your favorite vacation photos on your coffee table! Shutterfly is a leader in online images and offers a variety of options to create your dream book. You can design it yourself or let them put it together for you. 

Print a Calendar

Calendars are a great way to show your travel photos. Every month a new image! Many online printing services offer to put together a calendar with your chosen photos. 

Photo: Shutterfly

Print Your Travel Photos on Household Objects

Many online companies can print your travel photos on just about anything. A t-shirt, a mug, a bag, even a shower curtain! Vistaprint is a well-known online printing store that offers a variety of options when it comes to printing your travel photos on objects.


Photo: Shutterfly

Have fun

All of these projects can be done without leaving your home. Shop for the best printing service and take a look at what they offer. You may even have some printers in your town or city that can provide online service and deliver to your home.

Join us!

What projects are you going to try? We would love to see your finished photo projects. Join our Shoot Like a Pro With Your Phone Facebook page and join a community of like-minded people who love phone photography. Share your photos and get super helpful tips and tricks.