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Best TikTok Tips and Tricks

Best TikTok Tips and Tricks

Have you jumped on the TikTok bandwagon yet? We admit it can get addictive pretty quickly. Here at Kobratech, we like to keep up with trends and what’s happening so we’ve created our very own TikTok account. Check it out here. Follow us and like our videos to get tons of cool tips and tricks to improve your phone photography.  

Are you still wondering how to make the most of TikTok? If so, Let’s dive deeper into TikTok’s features and tools, how to find videos you really like, how to interact with other TikTokers, and much more. 

TikTok Basic Navigation Features

TikTok is pretty basic and is essentially only 5 pages. But, each page holds unique features and even some hidden tools that you need to know if you want to be a TikTok pro user. 

Home Page

Your Home page offers you 2 feeds. Choose the one you want to find videos to watch. 

  • Following

Here you will find the TikToks of the users that you are following. 

  • For You

In this feed, you will find videos that TikTok thinks you may like. This is based on algorithms and your usage. 


This page generally allows you to view videos that are trending and that are getting a lot of likes and shares. You can also search videos with unique tools from this page (we will get into this further in the article).


This is your profile page that displays your profile photo and your videos. Choose how much you want to show and how much you want to keep private in the settings. 

This is where we can see your followers and also the total number of likes on your videos. Also, other TikTok users will see who you are following and the videos that you have liked. 

You can link your other social media profiles here as well. 

Create Video

This is where you go to record or upload a video to add to your TikTok profile.


TikTok, like most other social media platforms, has the inbox feature where you can send and receive messages from other users. 

This is also where you will find all the notifications about the activity on your videos - likes, shares, and comments. 

Find the Best TikTok Videos

It can easily get overwhelming on TikTok. The best way to enjoy the app is to customize the content so that you can watch videos that you are truly interested in. 

When you start liking videos and following fellow TikTokers, the app will automatically start streaming videos that it thinks may be interesting for you. But, there are other ways of zoning in on videos that you want to see.

Find TikTok Videos By Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to tell viewers what’s in the videos. Hashtags sometimes go viral when a topic is trending. 

Go to the Discover page and either click on trending hashtags or type in to search for specific hashtags. 

Find TikTok Videos By Sound

TikTok is known for its dance craze trends where users dance to a specific song. You can tap on the record at the right of a video and get options to view other videos with the same audio. You can also save this audio clip to your favorites. 

Find TikTok Videos By Effect

TikTok has loads of fun effects that users can add to their videos. Is there an effect that you particularly like? You can search for the effect on the Discover page or tap on the effect’s name that displays over the TikTok user’s name (the magic wand).

What’s a TikCode

A TikCode is basically like a QR code. It’s an easy way to share your TikTok account with others. 

Go to your Me page and tap the icon next to your name. This will generate your TikCode that you can then save to your phone. 

How To Interact With TikTok Users

Follow TikTok users that you enjoy watching. This way their profile will appear in your Following tab and you can watch all their content. 

Follow users by long-pressing on their profile bubble at the top left from a video you are watching or go directly to their profile to add them to your following list.

Like, share, and comment on videos that you enjoy. 

On the other hand, if you are seeing videos that you are not interested in you can tell TikTok to show you less of those videos by long-pressing on a video and tapping Not Interested. 

Are You Ready to Duet?

A really cool feature of TikTok is the Duet option. When a user activates the Duet feature on their videos they are allowing people to record video split-screen with theirs. 

Tap share on a video you want to duet with and record your video, add effects, and share. 

Record Your Reaction

Another fun and unique TikTok feature is the Reaction option. You can record your reaction to a video while it is streaming and then share it. This is available when the creator of the video allows sharing. 

Find Your Friends

Find your friends and contacts so you can share and interact with them. Go to the Me page and tap on the Add Person option. From there you can find TikTok users in your contacts list and from your Facebook account. 

Share Your Favorite TikToks

You can share, save, and add videos to your favorites if the creator has allowed the share feature. 

Do you know that you can also create a live photo and even a Giff from a video? When you tap the Share button you will get the option to save it as a photo or create a Giff. 

Have you watched plenty of videos and want to create your own content? Read our blog post about how to get started on Tok Tok here.

Look for our next blog post where we will dive deep into all the features and tools you need to create your best TikTok videos. Effects, sounds, hashtags, and everything else you need to create your own unique content. 

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