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QuikPic Remote 2.0 - Multimedia Smartphone Remote

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The ultimate remote for you smartphone! The QuikPic 2.0 Remote works as a shutter button, perfect for taking pictures or videos. The perfect add on to your tripod or selfie stick!

The QuikPic 2.0 also features music and video controls. Change songs, pause/play videos or adjust the volume from up to 50ft away!

The ergonomic design makes the QuikPic 2.0 small and light enough to fit in your pocket or on your keychain, but still large enough to hold and use comfortably.

This handy device is compatible with any iOS or Android device and is the perfect addition to your smartphone!


- Remote Shutter Release

- Multimedia Controls

- Ergonomic Design

- Bluetooth V 4.1

- On/Off Switch

- InstaConnect Technology

- Works with Snapchat

- 100% Money Back Guarantee