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MiLite - LED Selfie Ring Light

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Brighten Any Shot - MiLite features 3 brightness modes for any situation. Add just a touch of light or turn it all the way up and let the 36 LED bulbs do their magic. Also includes a strobe light mode.

No More Haziness - Unlike other selfie ring lights, MiLite’s unique design eliminates the “hazy effect” caused by over exposure.

Bonus Remote - Take pictures and videos from up to 30 feet away with the bonus Bluetooth Remote Shutter!

Rechargeable - No more having to find batteries. MiLite is rechargeable, simply plug it into any USB outlet with the included charger cord.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We’re so confident you’ll love your MiLite, we even offer a full 1 year warranty + 60 day money back guarantee!


- 36 LED bulbs
- Bonus Bluetooth Remote Shutter
- 3 brightness levels
- Strobe light mode
- No more “hazy effect”
- Rechargeable battery
- Included charger cord
- Included carrying bag
- Full 1 year warranty