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How Nicole Turned Her Selfies Into Professional Looking Model Shots (Case Study)

Nicole is an aspiring model. She’s been sharing her selfies and portraits on social media and hoping to attract enough attention to grow her followers and get some sponsorship deals.

In order for this to happen, Nicole needed to set herself apart from the rest of the pack and showcase her unique qualities and features. The built-in flash on her cell has produced hazy images or ones that are completely overexposed and she struggled to keep the cell phone stable while striking the right pose.

By using the MiLite LED Selfie Ring Light, Nicole was able to solve all of her lighting problems! This rechargeable ring light has three different settings that allow for easy adjustment from a little light, to a lot. With 36 LED light bulbs, Nicole was able to use the light to improve the quality of her make up tutorials, showing every detail of her application.

And because the MiLite comes with a Bluetooth enabled remote shutter, Nicole found a greater sense of freedom. By having the ability to snap shots without holding her phone, Nicole could focus on the emotion she was attempting to convey in the photo. This improved stability of the phone and the quality of her images across the board.

These improvements have increased her fan base and allowed Nicole to build a high-quality, professional-looking portfolio.