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How Jason Used the TriFlex Mini Tripod To Capture Priceless Memories (Case Study)

Jason is his family’s photographer. Or perhaps more accurately, he’s the one who remembers to take the pictures at family gatherings. Jason wanted to capture these precious memories while still being free to participate in the festivities. Jason did not want to leave anyone out, himself included and he wanted a way to get better, and different looking, photos they could enjoy for generations to come.

The TriFlex Mini Cell Phone Tripod gave Jason exactly what he needed. By attaching his phone to the mount, he was able to use the strong, flexible legs of the tripod in a few different ways. He could use it as a traditional tripod to hold his phone steady while taking posed group shots but he was also able to get some really interesting, new angles. By wrapping the legs of the TriFlex around part of the light fixture over the dinning table, he captured truly stunning overhead shots of the family and their Thanksgiving feast.

The included Bluetooth enabled remote let Jason be a part of the action by giving him the ability to snap shots up to 30 feet away. No more group photos with that are missing the photographer. Everyone can get in the shot!

Indoors or outdoors, Jason has managed to use his TriFlex Mini Tripod to preserve every precious memory.